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My SJ413's (SJ70) engine died and needed replacing. I have no idea of the history of the old engine, but I acquired a bare SJ70 engine as a replacement. Both engines have 5 bolt crankshafts, but the SJ70 engine had a 19mm cam belt, whilst the "old" engine had a 25mm belt which I now suspect means it may have been an SJ80 engine (i.e. not the original). The "old" engine had a ribbed belt for the water pump and alternator, and the ribbed crank pulley did not fit on the "19mm" cam belt pulley so I switched the 19mm setup with the 25mm version. The "new" engine is therefore an SJ70 but with 25mm cam belt, ribbed fan belt etc.

The "old" engine had a spacer, around 5mm thick, between the fan pulley and the water pump, I do not know if this is standard. I fitted it on the "new" engine, and the fan belt pulleys all lined up as far as I could see/measure.

When the new engine was fired up the fan belt howled like a banshee. I've played with the belt tension, no significant difference. The belt path still appears to be straight, I've fitted a new belt and it still howls. Wetting the belt (water or belt-grip) kills the sound instantly but only temporarily. The howl reduces or disappears as the engine warms up.


1/ I've read that the SJ80 water pump is different from the SJ70. What is the difference? How would I tell if the "old" engine had an SJ80 pump?
2/ Is the "spacer" between the water pump and the fan pulley a standard fitment, or has someone fitted it to change the belt alignment?

Normally ribbed belts howl due to alignment issues, tension or sometimes damaged/dirty pulleys. These pulleys are clean and undamaged, are there any other reasons why this setup should howl so badly?

My current plan is to run the thing until I can see a witness mark on the belt or a pulley to tell me where the misalignment or problem is occurring. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated!

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