Idle and fuelling questions.
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Author:  bron5on [ Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Idle and fuelling questions.

Ok, car is 96 coily. Has a very slightly erratic idle. Not huge jumps, just a little hunting. Seems to vary, but mostly its a very slight dip every few seconds. Don't have much history on the car so cant say what has been done. Apparently had a rebuild at some point and someone has recently changed all the vac lines. Wondering if I should start with fuel filter and pump and see if that changes things? Copious amounts of carby cleaner didn't solve anything but did make the insides a bit shinier!
Car also smells like its running rich, very apparent in the cab but the muffler is about shagged. Whole new system is on the cards. Muffler pipe is very sooty (black), almost looks like a diesel exhaust! Don't really know where to start with this one so any suggestions welcome. Other than that the car starts and runs well. First trip out today to Jeffrey's track behind Hobart and she handled it all pretty well! Cheers all.

Author:  HarryHoudini [ Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Idle and fuelling questions.

Yeah,sounds like our 1996 Coily when we purchased it,previous owner said it had a Carby rebuild but if it had they stuffed it up,all the symptoms you listed above plus stalling and struggling to rev out in 4th/5th,no torque.Exhaust was the same as yours,sooty and black,running way to rich.

We just bolted a Weber on,immediate improvement but still running slightly rich but engine will now rev out and pulls 4th/5th OK on the H/way.
However i think the Toyota 4k Carbies are the go,$100 on Ebay and seem to run well.

Rebuilding Emission era Carbies are a nightmare,even specialist shops often get it wrong or don't fix the original problem.

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